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    I am using VOB2mpg to convert videos to play on a Mac based video server which uses Quicktime. Consequently, the MPG videos cannot be AC3... I love using VOB2mpg to rip our DVD productions to a single MPG and am salivating over the idea that the pro version could be as much as 3 times faster. However, can it save me a step and the need for a second program by converting the audio to either PCM, or mpeg audio of some sort? Basically, anything but DTS or AC3?


    ThE JafF
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    As far as i know it can't reconvert the audio nor the video so you do need another step.

    However if your source contains multiple audio streams including mpeg audio
    then it's possible, with the pro version, to select the audio stream that you want and make a mpg file with the video and the selected audio stream.

    Good luck
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  3. You can use either AviDemux or TEncoder to only encode the audio and mux the file back together. Choose the appropriate container for the output video. Then set the Video codec to Copy. Set the audio to whatever you want to encode it to.

    Both programs are free. TEncoder is especially nice for doing jobs in batch.
    Fully enabled freeware for Windows PCs.
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