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  1. Okay so I recently searched without success the documentary "Gold Fever" featuring 5 time olympic gold medalist Sir Steve Redgrave but could only find parts of it on YouTube. Well I downloaded all of them and compiled them into Final Cut, opened up compressor and selected the make DVD option. For watching on my computer I put all of the "guts" into a Matroska (.mkv) file for simplicity....I have two questions:

    1) Do I have to save the 3 MPEG streams (1 video, 1 DD5.1 audio, and 1 linear PCM) outside of the Matroska container file if I plan on burning this to a disk soon? Or is their a way I can save space and just extract the files from the Matroska container?

    2) How do I create chapter files? I tried it using Mkvtoolnix (love this software) but I am totally lost creating chapters...

    Thanks in advance...
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    Well, Matroska is just a container so you are basically asking something like "I have 2 cups and a bowl. Do I have to put them in an empty box I have lying in my garage?" There's no reason I can think of not to use Matroska as a storage format for your files. Yes, you can just extract the files you want at some future time from the MKV container using MKVExtractGUI2 which comes with MKVtoolnix.

    I have no idea how to create chapters in MKV files. Sorry.
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