Would anyone please be able to advise me what equipment I need to capture, host and stream live video? The live video is SD and not HD.

My very basic understanding is that I need a video capture card to capture the video/audio, plus a PC connected to a router acting as a web server and possibly some encoding software. After that, it's all a fog to me and I have no idea about specifications of web server PC or the video capture card etc.

I prefer to use an independent dedicated PC to act as the capture PC and web server and also prefer to host it myself rather than use one of the streaming hosting sites such as JustinTV, USTREAM etc. I have a reasonable budget available for the purchase of hardware and software.

I would be grateful for any advice on the make/model for a video capture card and for details of the specification needed for the PC and any software required (O/S for streaming PC, specific streaming/encoding software).