It looks like someone (me?) set the wrong date on my Canon Vixia S30 camera.I now have a whole bunch of files with the correct day and month, but the year is incorrect. (Was set as 2012 instead of 2011.)

Is there a way to change the record date of the files so that theVideoBrowser software places the files in the correct folders?

I have renamed the files on my hard drive so that at least the file name hasthe correct date:
20111024122316.mts (instead of 20121024122316.mts), and 20111024122316.cpi (instead of 20121024122316.mts). I then re imoprted thefolder back into VideoBrowser which now shows them as being in the correctfolder/date.

I know that mt DSLR embeds EXIF data into files. Does Canon embed EXIF data into its video files? Will I have a problem by simply renaming and re importing the video files, or do I need an extra step?