I record wildlife webcams, for example from Africam, CarnyxWild, RSPB. Recordings may be up to 9 hours long, I skip thru them and edit out "interesting" clips and upload to YouTube for posting on forums and Facebook groups. Very laborious but it's a service I like providing.

FLV uploads fastest to YouTube but it's difficult to edit a poor quality recording (due to the stream being poor in the first place), it's very difficult to be accurate to the second or even minute sometimes, and the editor (usually Freemake) takes longer to respond to clicks along the time-line (something to do with "key frames" ??? which I don't understand. WMV is much quicker but the files are so bulky and clips take ages to upload. I'm also trying MP4 and ASF.

I wonder if any of you are experienced in this type of thing and can advise me which format to use for the best combo of uploadspeed/accuracy/economy(storage)/quality?