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  1. Hi Everyone

    I`m a newie to the site ,so i say hello to all .

    I have a problem with my camcorder as it will record for 2 secs and then stops try again the same thing ,i have tried to reset the unit ,no luck .
    Everything else works fine with taking normal pictures ect .
    This has only just happened so i am a bit stumped as to why this has happened ,can anyone help please.
    It has not been dropped as i am very careful with my equipment .

    Many thanks

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    I have a similar JVC camcorder with hard drive and I haven't had that problem. Sort of obvious stuff, but are you sure your HDD has enough room? And that it's not set to record to a Micro SD disc, if it has that option? It takes still pictures OK. They are a lot smaller than HD video, so if you take a lot, does it seem to quit with those also?

    Sorry, not much else I can think of. Maybe others here have some ideas. If not, maybe a HDD problem.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. hi Redwudz

    there`s plenty of space on the hard drive and i cant find an option to record to the SD card ,if it is a hard disk problem are they just a 2 1/2 inch drive that can be changed .
    It maybe the case that i have to send it in for repair
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