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  1. So here's my dilemma. I recently got a Hauppauge HD PVR and EyeTV. I'm recording my xbox 360. I have all the cables hooked up properly. I'm using EyeTV 3.5.3, I'm not sure what firmware the Hauppauge had on it. Everything was working fine until I took my hauppauge to my buddies house and hooked the hauppauge up to his windows pc. I'm not sure if it updated the drivers to version 1.6.29277 when this happened or if that's what they were because I never hooked it up to a windows pc. When I went back home I hooked it back up to my macbook pro and I get a black screen in EyeTV. I thought this may have something to do with the firmware so I installed the version drivers onto the hauppauge but that didn't work. I've tried switching everything from component to composite inputs. I've also tried changing the display on my xbox to 1080i. I'm out of ideas as to why this is happening. Any help with this would be amazing!! I've also tried downloading the HDPVRCAPTURE demo to see if that would work but it says I don't have a HD PVR connected.
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    Looking at EyeTV says: "The minimum firmware supported is 1.15, and must be flashed on a PC using Hauppauge’s driver software."

    Your best bet would be to contact Hauppauge support and ask for instructions regarding which drivers to use and how to flash the firmware. Based on what EyeTV says, it looks like you will have to use your buddy's PC or another PC to do this.

    [Edit]EyeTV support may also have the answers you need.
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