Hi everybody,
i am recording Webcam Videos and converting them for TV broadcasting.
Concerning File size and quality i am after many tests still not sure if my solution is the best one.

The client records with a Logitech Cam (25fps).
Client software writes the recorded video to disk as uncompressed .avi (always 10-20 seconds files - easier to upload afterwards).
With 10-40 minutes video files i generate gigabytes of data.
After the recording the uncompressed .avi files are converted to .asf (audio + video seperate).
This way the file size is reduced for a faster upload to my server and to preserve the quality....
On the server .asf Files (audio + video) are converted to Apple DV-PAL into a single .mov file which can be cut on the AVID.
That sounds a little complicated but i have not found a better way to reduce the file size for ease of upload and preserve the quality at the same time.
In the future i am planning to do the same with HD quality like videos....
Anyone with another idea??