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  1. Hi, sorry for this silly question. I searched hard for an answer with no luck.

    I have the Lacie Rugged Cinema - which i love. I download movies, transfer onto the device, and then connect with HDMI to my TV.

    I noticed awhile ago that if the USB cable is still in the device then you cannot also connect the HDMI cable. In other words, for some reason, you need to only have one cable plugged in at any time.

    In any event, all of sudden, i cannot power the device on WITHOUT the device being plugged via USB to the computer.
    In other words, the device works perfectly well when connected to the computer with USB.
    But when i remove the USB cable and then try to power the device on using the remote -- the blue light does not come on.

    I only see two possible reasons but there must be a third:
    1) The power supply device is broken
    2) The remote is broken
    3) What else?

    Number 1 is not true. Because when connected successfully via USB to the computer, it also requires the power supply.

    Number 2 could be the reason. But i believe that the device is supposed to start to hum when plugged into the power supply and it is not doing so now.

    ANY IDEAS? thanks in advance
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Please don't cross post. I removed your other thread.

    And nope, I have no ideas...
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