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  1. Need help solving why the audio output on my video screen capture is so weak/low.

    I have tried several screen capture applications:

    Jing Pro from TechSmith and Replay Capture Suite from Applian Technologies for PC and Snapz Pro X and Jing Pro on a Macbook.

    I've tried a cheap mic and a audio-technica lavalier mic (with an iMic for USB input for the Macbook).

    The sound is detected but is very weak/low. I have good speakers. When I play other similar video's I barely need the volume turned up but for what I produce I have to turn it way up just to know the mic track exists.

    With Snapz Pro X on Macbook the sound seems okay on my notebook but is weak when I load it and play it online.

    I have tried hosting on YouTube, and Amason S3. All the same result.

    Tried MOV and MP4 formats. The PC is a Dell Optiplex 740 with no sound card but I also tried my older dell with a video card used for race simulator game and it also gives low audio.

    At my wits end... any help much appreciated.
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    have you tried turning up the mixer level of the microphone input?
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