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  1. hey guys am a noob in ripping world

    # MaskTools v2
    # NNEDI3
    # RemoveGrain + Repair

    QTGMC deinterlacing script
    can any one help me - how to use these 3 filters in avs script ????
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    First let's work on your terminology, ripping is the process of coping DVD or blu-ray movie the from it's disk to your hard drive , commercial movie titles will need to be decrypted prior to the ripping process. There are no filters involved in the decrypting or ripping process.

    Instead of asking how to use filters tell us what you are trying to do ie (what are ripping and why do you think it needs those particular filters.)
    In US most commercial DVDs are progressive scan, ie (don't need to be de-interlarded), the only time I've had a need for the remove grain filter is when working with home video, I don't think most commercial dvds in US will benefit from remove grain. But things could be different for you, I was unable to determine your country of origin from your profile.
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