I have a video of the Eiffel Tower of 2:55 minutes which I took from my Sony WX7 Cybershot sideways . It's an .mp4 file & has B-frames in it as well .The codec is H264 . Now , in this video from about 1:28 to 2:05 , I have made the camera straight . To rectify my mistake here's what I did . First , I rotated the whole file using Avedimux by 90 degrees & saved the output to a new file . The Video became straight except for the portion from 1:28 to 2:05 which now slants to the right by 90 degrees . In order to rectify this , I tried to rotate this particular portion ( 1:28 to 2:05) in the new file (Modified Video) by 270 degrees & save to another new file , so that I can have the whole Video straight . However , while trying to do this , Avedimux crashes . I tried 3 times , but all 3 times it crashed at around 70 % .

Any Ideas ?

This is the answer that I got from "Avedimux Forum" :

you cant rotate just a part of the video
else it will go from
1280x720 to 720x1280 right in the middle

What you can do is extract the 2nd part, rotate + add black border/crop so that you end up with 1280x720 or whatever

Well , I've tried this (I made both the Videos 1280 x 1280 & then joined them together . However , the resulting Video becomes a little smaller from all sides . So , either I don't know how to add the Borders correctly or in case if the Video is actually getting smaller after adding the Black Borders , then maybe I'll have to remain content with my Original Edited Video ( The one in which I've been able to get at least most of the Video straight) .

Is there anything else that could be done ? What exactly is the right way to add Borders to a Video (Without making the Video Image smaller in size) ?