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  1. I'm using the DVD Copy module in DVDFab to rip DVDs and then I use AutoGK 2.55 to convert the VOB files to AVI-contained XviD files. However with some DVDs there is a sync problem with the video/audio where most of the times the audio plays too early (or the video too late whatever way you like to put it).

    Usually I'm able to fix this using the Audio Scew Correction feature in VirtualDub. However this only fixes the problem when playing the video directly on my PC (Win7 using WMP12), when I stream the synced file to my PS3 using PS3 Media Server or the built-in streaming feature in Win7/WMP it's like I never fixed the sync's like my PS3 plays the original un-synced movie before it was synced. I'm FAR from an expert on this kind of stuff but I can't understand how that it's even possible since my understanding is that when I use the Audio Scew Correction feature in VirtualDub that will actually change the physical relation/layout of the video and audio in the file.

    Might also add that I've been thinking of buying the DVD Ripper module in DVDFab to be able to both rip and convert to AVI in one single action instead of first using DVD Copy and then AutoGK to convert to AVI but when I tried this in the past the result was very very bad both for video and audio quality compared to the method I'm currently using. However this maybe was caused by me not knowing what settings etc to use in the DVDRipper module in DVDFab.

    Would be most grateful for any help and/or input on this from you guys !!
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    Try open the vtsxxx. ifo file in autogk instead of the vob file.

    If that doesn't help you can use staxrip or megui. I wouldn't use dvdfab for the conversion part either.
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  3. OK, thanks for your advice but I still don't understand how my PS3 plays the avi file with the audio and video out of sync although I re-synced it and it plays fine on my PC? Would be very interesting if someone who knows how this stuff actually work could explain that.

    I also wonder when the video and audio get out of sync in the first place, if it's during the ripping part using DVDFab och during the conversion part using AutoGK...

    Anyway I'll try what you suggest, thanks again!
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