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  1. Originally Posted by Aelwen View Post
    Hello to everyone!

    When I try to repack some MKV files (films) and I get mp4 files without sound.

    The error is Eac3To: 3221225775 Video is alright.
    Can you post the Mediainfo?
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  2. I download many anime from Nyaa. Some have ass subs with karaokes on opening & ending. Since a while, I started using virtualdub or avidemux to hardsub from mkv to mp4 (x264), 'cause my family likes to watch them on tv, and it can't recognize the ass subs effects (looks like srt).
    So... this mkvtomp4 can do it easily?
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  3. Hello, I would love to use this tool but I'm getting this error after 3sec, could you help me? What should I do? Thanks

    Repack/encoder video to MP4 for Apple iPhone, iPad, ATV2. MkvToMp4 version 0.224 (x64)
    Build from: Sep 24 2013 14:57:05
    Use log file: ../Temp/Logs\13_11_2016_17_26_36.txt
    CoreAudioToolbox version:
    Added on list: C:/Users/Varg/Desktop/aa.mkv

    Started processing file: C:/Users/Varg/Desktop/aa.mkv
    Starting MkvExtract with the parameters:
    ../Tools/mkvextract\mkvextract tracks "C:/Users/Varg/Desktop/aa.mkv" 2:"../Temp/aa_internal_audio_3.AAC" 0:"../Temp/aa_internal_sub_1.SRT"
    Extracting track 0 with the CodecID 'S_TEXT/UTF8' to the file '../Temp/aa_internal_sub_1.SRT'. Container format: SRT text subtitles
    Extracting track 2 with the CodecID 'A_AAC' to the file '../Temp/aa_internal_audio_3.AAC'. Container format: raw AAC file with ADTS headers
    Starting x264 with the parameters:
    ../Tools/x264/x64/x264 --crf 20.000 --preset medium --no-interlaced --profile high --level 4.1 -o "../Temp/video.h264" "C:/Users/Varg/Desktop/aa.mkv"
    ffms [error]: could not create video source
    lavf [error]: could not find decoder for video stream
    avs [error]: failed to load avisynth
    raw [error]: raw input requires a resolution.
    x264 [error]: could not open input file `C:/Users/Varg/Desktop/aa.mkv' via any method!
    x264 terminated with error: 4294967295
    Total time: 3 sec.
    0 files processed.
    1 errors.
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  4. The decoders in your x264 binary don't support the format of your mkv. Since they are very old this problem may be solved by replacing the x264 binaries in the "tools" folder with the ones from komisar: The "clear" ones on the left side (without "10bit") should suffice.

    Currently: (for "\Tools\x264\x32\") (for "\Tools\x264\x64\")
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  5. Thank you so much, it's working now. But it is normal that it takes some time to convert to mp4? I was hopping that it will be done in seconds :/
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  6. It depends on the source format. If the video format is already compatible with iPhone etc. MkvТоMp4 conversion will be very fast. In your case this seems to not be the case (e.g. because video is HEVC/H.265). Then the video needs to be completely re-encoded and that takes a lot of time. In the program "setup" go to the "video" tab. According to your log the "preset" is "medium" at the moment. Choose something faster to speed things up.
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  7. was done after 8minutes, original mkv file was 165MB and the new mp4 has more than 500MB. That's not good. Can I change something in the settings? I was hoping that it will change only the container without any other steps as I have a TV player which supports better mp4, it has some problems with mkv files and there is no firmware for that as it's old. So it's as you said because of the video is HEVC/H.265, but does it matter if mkv it's a container? Thank you!
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  8. Your TV player needs to support the video format inside the container. If it doesn't you have no choice but to re-encode. Swapping containers mp4<>mkv can't do the trick. Is this really necessary in this case? I do not know because I don't know your file and I don't know your TV player model. If you double-click your video track in MkvToMp4 un-tick "re-encode" and try again. It may or may not work. But my guess is: it won't (otherwise old x264 probably would have been able to read the file).
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  9. Your TV player needs to support the video format inside the container. ---- I see, thank you. I'm getting error by the TV player about unsupported file format, so it might be that the problem is not the container but the video format in the container. Grr, the size 500MB is still too much. I will try to resize the video, that could help.
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  10. You can control the video size via "setup"->"video"->"Edit". Either increase the value of "Quality-based VBR" (+3 about halves the file size) or choose a bitrate. 1400 kbit/s are roughly 10 MB per 1 minute of video. (audio and container overhead is on top of that but usually not big in relation to video size)
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  11. Member
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    You cannot mux HEVC/x265 streams with this tool, it will only work with re-encoding it to x264. Which in turn will increase the size, x265 has far better compression.
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  12. Can anyone help me with this problem? I'm resulting with Mp4 files without any audio and I notice that my logs say "Eac3to terminated with error: 1" and the error code it says after it's finished "Audio 1 processing error (DelayCut)"

    Started processing file: C:/Users/Heather/Documents/TV Shows/Burn Notice/S01E05.mkv
    Starting MkvExtract with the parameters:
    ../Tools/mkvextract\mkvextract tracks "C:/Users/Heather/Documents/TV Shows/Burn Notice/S01E05.mkv" 0:"../Temp/video.264" 2:"../Temp/S01E05_internal_audio_3.AC3"
    Extracting track 0 with the CodecID 'V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC' to the file '../Temp/video.264'. Container format: AVC/h.264 elementary stream
    Extracting track 2 with the CodecID 'A_AC3' to the file '../Temp/S01E05_internal_audio_3.AC3'. Container format: Dolby Digital (AC3)
    Starting Eac3To with the parameters:
    ..\Tools\eac3to\eac3to "C:\Users\Heather\Documents\+Extras\MkvToMp4\Temp\ S01E05_internal_audio_3.AC3" "..\Temp\S01E05_internal_audio_3_new.AC3" +24ms -progressnumbers
    Eac3To terminated with error: 1
    Starting Mp4Box with the parameters:
    ../Tools/mp4box/x64/MP4Box.exe -new -add "../Temp/video.264":fps=23.976:lang=eng:name="" -itags tool="MkvToMp4 [] version 0.224 (x64)" "C:/Users/Heather/Documents/TV Shows/Burn Notice\S01E05.m4v" -tmp "../Temp/Mp4Box"
    AVC-H264 import - frame size 1920 x 1080 at 23.976 FPS
    AVC Import results: 62022 samples - Slices: 597 I 15179 P 46246 B - 62619 SEI - 597 IDR
    Stream uses forward prediction - stream CTS offset: 3 frames
    Setting up iTunes/iPod file...
    Saving C:/Users/Heather/Documents/TV Shows/Burn Notice\S01E05.m4v: 0.500 secs Interleaving
    Correction mp4 file.
    TKHD atom correction for video. TRAK 1
    Open result file C:/Users/Heather/Documents/TV Shows/Burn Notice\S01E05.m4v for test.
    The file C:/Users/Heather/Documents/TV Shows/Burn Notice/S01E05.mkv is processed successfully
    File processing time: 20 min. 26 sec.
    Total time: 20 min. 26 sec.
    1 files processed.
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  13. Directly after the conversion fails go into the subfolder "tools\eac3to" and post the "log.txt". While you're at it you might as well update eac3to with the newest version.
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  14. can anyone tell me, why output is .m4v file? how make it to output .mp4?
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  15. .m4v is the default setting......... Go to 'Set up' - 'Video' - 'Output Format' - (select .mp4) - 'Save'
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  16. It doesn't work for me because of a crazy error
    I hope you guys can help me!

    Everytime I start the progress with my video added it says sth mad in the log but see yourself:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Unbenannt.PNG
Views:	200
Size:	103.8 KB
ID:	42877

    Beside of that how can I get the BEST settings available through this app?
    1080p 60fps

    Your fwnjkafn
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  17. The error may be because you put MkvToMp4 into c:\programe files (x86)\. That folder is usually write protected. You have several options:
    - move MkvToMp4 to a folder with less restricted rights or
    - run it with admin rights or
    - set temp folder to a folder with less restricted rights (you need to run it with admin rights once to make the setting, though, because the settings are also a file with write protection)
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  18. Rancid User ron spencer's Avatar
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    why does the program add a subtitle for chapter name? how to stop that?
    'Do I look absolutely divine and regal, and yet at the same time very pretty and rather accessible?' - Queenie
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  19. I love the program. Has worked well for me since day one. However, on one file, the audio is out of sync even though the MKV is fine. I converted to MP4 using the same settings I have always used but the audio is out of sync a few seconds on this one file. Any help would be appreciated.
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  20. Hello,

    I need some help. I tried and tried but doesn't seem to find the solution that I need. I loved MkvtoMP4. It works well for the most part. I got a couple issue that I can't seem to find the solution.

    1. I got a video file that I like to re-mux into MP4 container. If the file name is some simple English text, it ran beautifully. However, the file name is in UTF font, then the program gave out the error. Essentially, I have to rename the file from something like "Asia Selection 35_01 - Hợp Ca Asia - Triệu Con Tim.mp4" to "Asia Selection 35_01.mp4" in order to use the software. Recently, I replaced the MP4Box Tool Folder with a more recent MP4Box files from gpac and I was able to remux the file without rename. Unfortunately, the result file video file is longer than the original file with random video section being added at the end of the file. It is so frustrating.

    2. The second question is the batch run of remux a set of files. I added a few files into MKVtoMP4 app and while I selected all the files and edit the tags section (the top tool bar), I can't edit the lower section. I need to batch swapping the audio track order, and change the track name/comment for all the files. I certainly can edit audio setting one by one but when I have a few thousand files, it is impossible to do.

    Any help please. I am running out of option. I like to have the MP4 container so I can use the file in iTunes. I can batch naming the audio track and swap the audio track for MKV file but can't do it in MP4. Thank you very much.
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  21. Member Rat O.o's Avatar
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    Here is the UPDATED COMPLETE package. (Also, I have included Download link in the Tools subfolders so individuals can keep their tools updates)

    All the tools have been updated as of June 21, 2018.

    MkvToMp4 v0.224 (2018-06-21)
    Download - MediaFire |

    • iTunes search. (mkvtomp4.exe patched the 10/27/2014)

    Updated Tools:
    • eac3to v3.34
    • ExifTool v11.0.3
    • FFmpeg v4.0 (Static)
    • MKVExtract v24.0
    • Qaac v2.67
    • Qtfiles from iTunes v12.7.5.9 (Windows 32-bit)
    • CoreAudioToolbox v7.10.9.0
    • SoX v14.4.2
    • x264 v2851 (2017-07-02)
    • FFMS2 v2.23.1
    • MediaInfo v0.7.79 (Do not update or the program does not work)
    • Mp4Box Official (Do not update or the program does not work)

    If you want to update Mp4Box knowing that it does not support some features you can Download the update from here:

    MP4Box Update [Test] (Read the Notepad)
    Download - MediaFire |

    • MP4Box Official
    • MP4Box v0.5.2 rev998
    • MP4Box v0.7.2 rev563 (The latest version)

    Other (Very good Tools)
    - MKVToolNix
    - gMKVExtractGUI
    - FFmpegYAG (Advanced GUI for the popular FFmpeg audio/video encoding tool)
    - Subtitle Edit
    - MP4.tool or My-MP4Box GUI
    Last edited by Rat O.o; 24th Jun 2018 at 06:07. Reason: download link
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  22. I can't seem to open MkvToMp4 v0.224 (2018-06-21) rar file with 7-zip. Anybody else having problems?
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  23. Member
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    I d/l the zip file on page 1.
    Lists as the same version number?? V0.224
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  24. Thanks to OP was able to get this to work. Had to use winrar rather than 7zip. Thanks!
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  25. Member manolito's Avatar
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    This is for "Retro" users like myself who still prefer WinXP over Win7 or Win10, and whose computer is old enough to not support SSE2 (old Athons or Pentium3 CPUs).

    Have a look here:

    Thanks very much to Rat O.o...

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  26. Member manolito's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by Eyedoctor2 View Post
    I can't seem to open MkvToMp4 v0.224 (2018-06-21) rar file with 7-zip. Anybody else having problems?
    Sorry, cannot reproduce this. How old is your version of 7-zip?
    I tried with version 16.04 up to the latest version 18.05, and both versions handle this RAR file without any problems.

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  27. Importing metadata and covers from iTunes doesn't work anymore.
    It seems something has been changed on iTunes side.

    Metadata can still be found (no artwork on most stores) but they can't be saved on the file
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  28. So is this a new version of the original?
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  29. Hi there. Just wondering if anyone is still following this thread. Had a couple of questions.

    I'm simply trying to change my MKV files to MP4 and this tool seems like just the thing. However, I'm not sure what the best settings are to get full quality and not re-encode anything. If anyone could tell me what to change as far as settings to I'm getting as close as possible to the quality in the MKV file I would REALLY appreciate it. I don't care how long they take, i don't care how large the files are. My focus is on getting as close or exact quality of the original files. All I want to do is have an MP4 file instead of an MKV file with the same exact quality of everything.

    If someone is nice enough to provide me the information I would sincerely appreciate it. I have tried many programs to do this but everything wants to compress and re-encode. Thanks in advance...I hope!
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