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  1. Hi,
    is there anybody who can help me with video encoding? I want to encode video to MPEG-TS with null packet (PID 0x1fff). Anybody know how to do this? Is it possible?

    My current command:

    ffmpeg -i audio.mp2 -i video.mpg -s 720x576 -minrate 3200k -maxrate 3200k -bufsize 3200k -vcodec libx264 -vpre libx264-iptv -acodec copy -r 25 -f mpegts out.mpg
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    mpg isn't a transport stream container. You should use out.ts

    About null packets...

    AFAIK, there is no setting for that but I once looked in the FFmpeg source code where null packets are mentioned so I suppose they are inserted automatically (not sure).

    I would say, just try and see if the clip is accepted.
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  3. Thanks for fast reply . How can I check it? Is there any app to check null packets in file?
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  4. do not know about ffmpeg, but x264/h264 encoder and tsmuxer should serve your purpose.
    installing all invidual libraries gives better results, follow distro-documentation.
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  5. Thank you Bonie. Now it looks better , but I have another problem. I want to mux two files: video.h264 (720x576, 25fps, 2.5Mbps CBR) and audio.mp2 (192kbps, 48kHZ) to MPEGTS 3.2Mbps CBR.

    Mediainfo information from out.ts file muxed with tsMuxeR:

    Overall bit rate : 3 200 Kbps
    Maximum Overall bit rate : 35.5 Mbps

    I need to mux it with CBR. Second thing is NIT table. I want to set only PAT and PMT nothing else.

    Please help.
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  6. @adismsc

    i do not have much experience or deep knowledge about DVB - Transport stream.
    i do not think that any free encoder or muxer will serve your purpose for NIT Table. PAT and PMT.
    Search for NTT HVE9100 H.264 and MPEG-2 Broadcast Encoder.

    Last Q?
    does ffmpeg serve your purpose for NIT Table. PAT and PMT?
    coz they have specific broadcast version too!!!
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  7. My specification is listed below:

    Elementary stream bitrate [kbit/s]
    video: 2575
    audio: 2 x 192
    subtitle: -
    PAT/PMT: -
    Stuffing: -

    Component TS bitrate [kbit/s]
    video: 2652
    audio: 395
    subtitle: 45
    PAT/PMT: 45
    Stuffing: 62
    Total: 3200

    Additional required components:
    Null packets

    without others:
    NIT, SDT, EIT, etc.

    I have two files: video.h264 (720x576, 25fps, 2.5Mbps CBR) and audio.mp2 (192kbps, 48kHZ). How can I mux it with this spec? Can I?
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  8. OpenCaster

    AFAIR TS in FFMPEG is not very well implemented (some people says that it is broken)
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  9. No I have another problem

    This is how my current script looks like:
    for a in *$fmt; do
    $vlc -I dummy -vvv "/home/adam/test/" --sout "#transcode{vcodec=$vcodec,venc=x264{profile=main,level=3.0,hrd=cbr,bframes=2},vb=$bitrate,acodec=$acodec,ab=$arate,samplerate=$samplerate,channels=2}:standard{mux=$mux,dst=\"$dst$a.$ext\",ac$
    After encoding with the above script everything seems to be ok (for both video and audio bitrate codec is constant) apart from two things: Bitrate of the container should also remain CBR but this is not the case. Also, stuffing component (0x1 ffff) - null packet is missing. Is it possible for you to correct the script to make null packet as well as bitrate of the container constant (3,2 Mbps CBR) ?
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  10. try to play with -muxrate if You insist to use ffmpeg
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  11. I tried, but without the expected results (CBR).
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