I have two videos sample1.mpg and sample2.mpg, but are of different video settings/properties.
How can i take sample2.mpg video settings as a reference and:

(1) convert sample1.mpg similar to video settings/properties of sample2.mpg
(2) Merge sample1.mpg and sample2.mpg to create final.mpg

All steps using ffmpeg.

For step (2) i can use something similar to:
cat sample1.mpg sample2.mpg | ffmpeg -f mpeg -i - -vcodec copy -acodec copy merged_file.mpg

Step (1) is what i need to know.

I know:
ffmpeg -i sample2.mpg

will give me the audio/video settings of sample2.mpg, how can i redirect these settings through ffmpeg and convert sample1.mpg file.

I hope i was able to explain myself