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  1. Hello, new to the forum. Here's what i wish to do, i know it has to be possible, and i am missing it, but after searching for a week now have not found a solution. I have a media pc that i use for all my watching tv and entertainment. in the process of replacing a harmony 900 remote with a tablet. just purchased an hp touch pad that i will be converting to android upon arrival. Bought the harmony link.

    Now my purpose for this tablet and its main function will be as a media remote. I have toyed around with my phone and am fairly confident i can get most of it to work. However, my dream so to speak would be to be able to stream in real time what i am watching on my tv (via media Pc) to the tablet with sound. I have tried a few remote desktop apps and usually run into the same few problems, A. it logs off the computer, can have this as someone else may be watching tv too. B. Video is very choppy, has no sound, and not watchable due to pixelation.

    I know i could just go to whatever site i am streaming on the tablet but there has to be an easier way. Someone please put me out of my misery. Thanks for the help.
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    Please don't cross post in several forums. I deleted your other thread.

    Forget any remote desktop solution. Use a streaming application. I use VLC to stream to my android device. It's very complex though. I haven't tried any other streaming apps yet, but see
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  3. My apologies, I just wanted to make sure i got my question in the appropriate forum. I am aware of vlc to a degree as i have used it to play media on pc. I guess to dive a little more into my set up.

    I run a program on media pc- XBMC so i guess what i am really looking for is some program i could run in the background that would also basically forward whatever is being displayed to the tablet with sound. Thanks so far for the help.
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