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  1. Hello

    I present you my new tools for business and other applications.
    QAM (quck App Maker) is a multi-platform solution for creating applications.
    Supports work with databases, reports and more.
    Making the program is very simple and requires no additional learning (other than SQL program)
    For now the project is in beta version, but for a few days will be ready to download.

    Please join me on Facebook and so we give our support.
    On Facebook, I posted a few video clips and see what it is.

    Thank you all
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    QAM is generally understood to mean Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. Suggest a new name.
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    @edDv i'm starting to believe there is nothing that you don't know.

    I agree with edDv, while most people do not know what QAM means those of us who listen to a lot FM radio probably hear the term 4 or 5 times a day.

    Originally Posted by appexpert View Post
    requires no additional learning (other than SQL program)
    Whats is the benefit of this app to one who already knows SQL? A person using BIDS, Business Intelligence Studio, a free MS download can generate reports in many different formats hiding the internal guts of the report from their customer. It supports many different types of databases (mostly MS stuff but I think DB2, informix, and oracle as well). Repots can be exported to HTML, CSV, XML, and spreadsheets with advance features (grouping, collapsing fields).
    There is a similar software offering from Oracle.

    What database does your app work with? What types of apps/reports can it build? It looks like a very nice, and the UI looks very friendly but to garner intrest you should give some basic details of what it offers and what can it do for the user. Coming from IT these are the questions that most individuals would be asking and with out that information few would give the program a second look.
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