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    Hey Guys,

    I quickly checked the site and wasn't able to find what i was looking for and this is time sensitive for me - so throwing it out here for hopefully a quick answer.

    Need to upload a few MPEG files (DVD rips) that my company owns and they want it on youtube. I have already ripped the files and am indexing with DG for deinterlace, crop etc. What i want to do is just convert them locally and then straight upload to our youtube account -without having to worry about them be converted again.

    Can somebody advise what codec i should use as well as audio codec. I've uploaded a private ripped mpeg2.mpg (small file) then downloaded again to analyze with mediainfo for specs but when i try to reproduce the encodeings with the specs of the downloaded file and upload it ... seems to always get converted anyways!

    Again, thanks guys & apologies if this is in the forums somewhere that i missed.

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    I don't know of a way. As far as I'm aware Youtube "always* re-encodes.
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