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  1. Hi guys this is my first post here. Well I just got and HD PVR and it came with the software Total Media Extreme 2. TME has been really healpful but I noticed the videos recorded with it have black lines. The thing is I don't want those black lines on my videos and I don't wanna render them cuz it takes a lot of time and since HD PVR already compressed the video inside of it rendering it will make it lose more quality. I see no option on TME to crop the video before capturing it like VirtualDub can do. That's why I tried VirtualDub with HD PVR and it does recognize the HD PVR but I get nothing in the preview of the program and when I try to record it give me an error. So my questions are: Its possible to record from HD PVR using VirtualDub? Is there any other program that let me edit the frames that the HD PVR will be recording? I don't wanna reder the video files after I recorded them. Thanks in Advance.
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  2. The video that comes from the HD PVR is already compressed. The only way to remove black borders is to decompress the video, crop the black borders away, then recompress it. You cannot do this in real time with any software I know of.
    VirtualDub cannot capture from the HD PVR. It's designed for devices that capture uncompressed video.
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  3. Oh ok. Is there a way for VirtualDub to load the video files created on TME?
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  4. Yes. The best way is to use DgAVCIndex and an AviSynth script with DgAvcSource(). If you have all the correct DirectShow filters installed you can use the DirectShow source plugin for VirtualDub. For a DirectShow file reader/splitter try using Haali. For AVC/AC3/AAC decoding ffdshow.
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