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  1. I think something has gotten messed up with my iphone, sometimes when I record video now, when it saves it freezes for like 30 seconds or so, then eventually finishes saving the file. When I open my photo library again it says something like "Rebuilding library" which takes a while, but once that's done, all my photos and videos play absolutely fine on the phone, including the one just taken.

    But when I move that same .mov file to my pc it gives me errors that indicate the file is somehow corrupt. Quicktime gives me 2048- not a file that quicktime understands, VLC just crashes, and wmp thinks it's a file format it can't understand or doesn't have codecs for. all these players work fine for other videos taken on the same phone though.

    I'm assuming that since the phone can still playthe video with no issues, it's not corrupted to the point of no return and just needs some kind of header fix or something? I'm not sure where to start or what tool I might be able to use though.


    EDIT: found this thread looks promising, but it's not working right out of the box. It looks like I need to somehow create and use an moov_template from a working video from the phone. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that yet though.
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