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    i have a Blue ray player (panasonic DMP-BD75), and i have downloaded this dvd rip file : Fast and Furious 5 Fast Five (2011) DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED -DELETED- from a torrent website.

    I play it from my external hard disk WD passport directly plugged in the USB slot of the player and displaying on my LCD TV.

    IT has happens with other movies as well, at some point in the middle of the movie, playback stops and im back to the file browsing menu of the Blue ray player. If i play the file again, and fast forward, it stops again, i think at the same moment.

    Is there any protection on the file that can survive after being ripped ?
    Any idea why this is happening ?

    Thanks for the help
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    Please read our rules before posting.
    Warez is not permitted and can get you banned. I have also deleted the link to a Warez site. Buy the DVD instead.

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