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  1. The Problem:
    I have a Philips Series 3000 LCD TV which, the salesman said, will play video files from the USB port. Now I find that it will only accept mp4 and mpeg4 files with h.264 codec or a wmv file. I have both Ubuntu Linux and OS X but no Windows. To make it even worse the TV has no subtitle support.

    The plan:
    To convert the avi files to mp4 with Handbrake. Now I find that Handbrake cannot embed srt files. Of course the Philips TV cannot read the srt soft subtitles that Handbrake can include. I did find that Handbrake can embed ssa subtitles.

    The questions:
    Am I going in the right direction? Is there a better plan?
    Is there a good app (preferably Linux) that can convert srt to ssa?

    Go easy on me as this is all rather new subject. Thanks

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    You could use avidemux. Add the subtitle filter and load the srt. Use mpeg4 avc video codec and copy under audio. Save as mp4.
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