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  1. I notice all the refrence to NO CRACKS etc...
    Is there a forum or section of the site where I can ask for a crack?
    Thanks in ADV.
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  2. Though i'm not the admin the answer is pretty simple NO. the reason is that if it was allowed the site could get closed down or sued.
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  3. if u or anyone wanta anything like that, just IM me on aim- ShiZZZoN

    Pay no attention to the screenname on vcdhelp with name of shizzzon, thats not me, that is some annoying 14 yr old trying to get killed, hehe
    ShiZZZoN PzN

    Everyday is another payday and I am one step closer to becoming the one.
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  4. Sean, do you try hard to be dumb, ot does it just come naturally ??? Congratulations on successfully breaking the most sacred forum rules. Hopefully yo'u'll get what you deserve "BANNING"...........So long sucker..........
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  5. i won't be surprised if he DOES get banned one of these days...

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