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    I left for work this morning with approximately 20 Firefox windows open on my desktop. Now I just got a call from someone at home saying that the power has been out for the last hour.

    When I get home, I will need to figure out the URLs of all the windows that I had open. What complicates matters is that I have a UPS, and the last time the power went out, my UPS software seemed to close several, but not all, of the Firefox windows that I had open. So I'm not sure what will happen the next time I launch Firefox - it may restore only some of the 20 windows that I had open - it may not restore all of them. And I know that the "Recently Closed Windows" option only shows you the last 3 windows that were closed, so if my UPS software closed more than 3 windows, then I won't remember what the other ones were.

    Is there any Firefox file on the hard drive that I can examine, before I try to launch Firefox again, to find out the 20 windows that I had open this morning? Some of those 20 windows even had multiple tabs open, so I hope I can figure out what all the URLs were.
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    firefox keeps a history file and has an open last session option. not sure you can access them without using firefox/history, but the file is in users/NAME/appdata/roaming/mozilla/firefox/profiles/PROFILE/history.dat
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