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  1. Hi,

    I have just purchased the PRO version and now discovered that it cannot write onto a network drive. I am using a NAS for storing video files and it would be much easier to write directly to the network drive.

    I there a way to write directly to a network drive?

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  2. In the case a simple WD NAS I run their utility and when the NAS is opened in explorer I simply copy that mapping into my other applications be they network aware or not it seems to work. For example from the address bar \\A\backup works to let software access it and can put into a shortcut on the desktop too. That lets the software access the backup folder on A

    That works in my encoding software. I do something similar to encode directly to my WD Live Hub media player's internal drive.
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  3. In VOB2MPG it isn't possible to paste a path.

    And when I browse to the network drive and press ok then the message "Network paths are not allowed in this version of VOB2MPG" appears.

    I also got this message with the free version and upgraded to pro because I thought this disappears with the pro version.

    The NAS shares are also connected as drives with a drive letter, but they don't appear in the VOB2MPG file browser.

    This is really annoying.
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  4. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Just turn the VOBs into MPGs or join them into one big MPG or convert to a different format.

    For example if I had them decrypted on my hard drive as DVD structure I would run them through Freemake Video Converter choosing DVD as the input format and output them as a MKV for use in my Western Digital media player. Done. Or choose Mpeg or Apple device or Android or wmv or flash and so on.

    Many output formats in that program as well as many input formats.
    If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself.
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    You just have to map a drive letter.

    Right click the "Network" icon and it's right on the options menu.
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  6. As I wrote above the network drive is mapped to a drive letter.

    I just want to convert dvd in one step into mpeg to on a network drive directly or mapped to a drive letter. I don't to store the data on the harddisk first, this copying takes to much time.

    It seems to be that VOB2MPG recognizes that the drive is a network drive and issues the error message.
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  7. I just got VOB2MPG Pro, and tried this. Works for me: I have an LG NAS w/ 1Gb/s Ethernet port and 1GB/s LAN (wireless router and computer Ethernet). My VOB files are on the NAS, and I can simultaneously read and write to the NAS using VOB2MPG. My NAS folder where I keep movies is a drive letter. You said you have the network drive mapped as a drive letter, but maybe you have to map a folder, or sub-folder, in the NAS, as the drive letter.
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