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  1. Recently, there is a new kind of products: instead of MP3 player with built in speaker, the new product is:
    1) stereo speakers with built in rechargeable battery via USB connection (last between 5 to 8 hours of play)
    2) built in card readers (SD, microSD, etc..)
    3) built in USB for USB thumb drive
    4) can play MP3/WMA music from memory card or thumb drive
    I heard two of them in a swap meet, they sound very good (incl the bass sound) although they are quite small.
    But I did not remember the brand.
    Searching online (eBay) I found tons of them.
    Anyone of you have one of these and if you do, can you post the model and your opinions ?
    ktnwin - PATIENCE
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  2. I bought one, it plays OK but have a lot of limitations:
    1) it plays MP3 one at a time, I can skip to the next one or to the previous one
    2) sounds OK, the bass are not that loud as I heard at the demo
    ending up give is away to a cousin.
    But it is quite a good way to share music in a small group from your MP3s.
    iPad speakers sound 10 times better (almost real to my ears)
    ktnwin - PATIENCE
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    Bumping your own 2 year old post!!

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    Try the Big Jambox.
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