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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have a video (DVD source, 29.97 interlaced video) that I am upscaling to 720p and there is a sometimes distracting green/purple bloom in the highlights. Just like you would see in a digital photo. It's noticeable in the original source and even more so when upscaled. Does anyone know of an avisynth filter and/or script that can help reduce this affect? Thanks.

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  2. If it's your typical chromatic aberration or bloom, avisynth filters usually don't work very well. You're usually better off using dedicated color correction tools and secondary cc

    It depends how bad it is, but you can try FixChromaticAberration() , or MergeChroma(Awarpsharp2(#some settings)) , or tweak() and specify a range with starthue and endhue
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested but it didn't make much of a difference without affecting the entire image. I don't really feel like manually colour correcting the whole thing so I might just live with the blooming. Thanks again.
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  4. Post a video sample thanks
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  5. I have a lot of this on high generation VHS. Some blooms purple on the left and green on the right. In severe cases there are no filters that work in AVISynth or VDUB for me. I've tried some fairly complicated scripts but they were minimal gain for a tremendous FPS hit on rendering. The secondary color corrector in Vegas is, however, very effective in reducing this problem.

    Secondary color correction can get very tricky. For instance, when you scene lighting changes, you may have to adjust your mask. Sometimes the bloom color I'm trying to kill is also a real color of an object in the scene. In that case you eaither have to deal with the bloom or discolor the object, unless you start doing some layered alpha channel masking to shield areas of the frame from the secondary color corrector.

    I've had to correct bloom using Vegas on most of the footage I have restored. It gets pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It's a lot easier and faster than a monster script.
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