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  1. Hi

    i am trying to get some settings (from ffmpeg how to) and have done the following to no avail.. where am i going wrong? thank you in advance

    -i <input_file>
    -pix_fmt yuv422p
    -vcodec mpeg2video
    -flags +ildct+ilme
    -top 1
    -dc 10
    -flags2 +ivlc+non_linear_q
    -qmin 1
    -lmin 1*QP2LAMBDA
    -vtag xd5c
    -rc_max_vbv_use 1
    -rc_min_vbv_use 1
    -b 50000k
    -minrate 50000k
    -maxrate 50000k
    -bufsize 36408333
    -bf 2
    -aspect 16:9
    -acodec pcm_s16be
    -f mov
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Moving you to our video conversion section. ffmpeg is not ffmpegx.
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  3. If you were looking at this page, beware that commandline is broken

    The newer ffmbc releases have a -target xdcamhd422 preset (since 0.6 beta 2)


    ffmbc -i input.ext -target xdcamhd422 output.mxf
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  4. Hi

    i am looking at this and i get an error saying unrecognised option 'pix_fmp'
    is there a site that has the codes i can check against to make the xdcam35mbps settings

    thank you
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