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    Hello everybody. So i've got a copy of a blu-ray courtesy of Dolby which i ripped with DVDfab 8Qt and got a m2ts file of a track i liked. Since its Just the music what i want, i decided to extract the ac3 file and converted to flac. I searched videohelp for a tutorial to do this, and so far i've run eac3to.exe with yr_eac3to_more_gui. I selected the source file (.m2ts file from blu-ray) and then on 2nd tab selected save as FLAC and hit Run Command Line.

    the cmd says "This track is not clean" "the libav decoder crashed"

    so i run delaycut_1212 and fixed the erros on the ac3 track which i somehow extracted from the .m2ts container. the fixed track is able to convert to FLAC, but the ac3 track had like 36000 errors so the final FLAC trac is very cutted.

    what should i do to get a good Flac conversion from the track without fixing it???

    well, i hope i made myself clear with the problem and hopefully someone has some experience on this.

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