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  1. Hi,

    I've just tried about 5 avi/mp4 splitters and any of them doesn't provide good precision of setting split points and fast movie preview.

    I've 20hrs of movies that I want to cut and select scenes, but I don't have whole week to do this

    The best and the fastest solution for me is software that will provide:
    - fast forward and backward rewind to preview movie
    - mouse scroll like precision rewind and then setting split point
    - re-encoding
    - "one-click" save all splitted scenes

    Does anyone use/heard about such a soft?
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  2. I feel this is usually the problem with H.264 videos encoded with the AVC codec. All these years, I never had this problem with AVI or WMV files, and used to do my editing with VirtualDub and Cut Assistant almost exclusively. Even videos with the X-Vid codec can be cut from virtually any frame.

    Yes, in H.264 encoded videos like MP4 and MKV, I too haven't found any software that can cut from the "START" marker in precisely the frame i want to.

    So far, the best compromise seems to be AVIDemux. It actually shows the nature of each frame, i.e. I, P or B frame, at the lower portion of the window. As you press the <RIGHT ARROW> or <LEFT ARROW> keys, you can browse each individual frame and find out the nearest I frame, or Keyframe, where you can place the "START" marker for your clip.

    Alternatively, press <UP ARROW> to go the nearest FORWARD Keyframe, or press <DOWN ARROW> to go the nearest BACKWARD Keyframe. This way you can get a clearer idea of where the video clip will start from...

    - Another software I will mention, although I don't know whether it is related with your query, is the H264TS_Cutter. I have used it only once on a TS (transport stream) file containing H.264 video, and I remember it actually cut from a frame that was NOT a keyframe, i.e. pretty precise cut points. However, I don't know if it can be used on files other than TS.

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  3. So far, while I was waiting for an answer on this forum, I tried AVIDemux. As you wrote it seems to be the best solution for me at the moment.
    I will also try J264TS_Cutter.

    Thank you very much for help
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  4. there's also megui, it has cut ability and if you use ffms2 as its frame server it is guaranteed frame-accurate.
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