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  1. I have 2 Huffyuv AVI files that report broken headers when I open them in Virtualdub. Virtualdub runs some recovery process for 15-20 minutes then is appears to be able to open the file. When the file loads I try to render is to a new file, no filters, to try and generate a new AVI with a new header. It gets to 100% and errors out. The new AVI has broken headers.

    Any way to recover the files? Oddly they play in VLC but won't seek. AVISynth won't load them. Windows can't detect their length, so something is wrond with the files.
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  2. Try the software called videofixer (search google) it helped me on many occasions for broken avi's, but something is not right with the way you encode (or use filters in vdub?) your file, try to fix that first
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  3. videofixer didn't have the right voodoo. I was able to reindex one of them in vdub again and save it as a new file. The second file is a bit more of a problem. I'm trying vdub one more time. It took about 1 hour for vdub to reindex the 8GB file. I set it to save as a new AVI but had to leave. I guess I'll find out if it worked when I get home.
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  4. Seems to have been a problem with the very last frame of the clip. I trimmed off the last 20 frames in VDUB and was able to save as AVI to a new file. Both clips load in AVIsynth now. Out of hundreds of CAPs using the same workflow these two clips had a problem with their index. Weird. Hopefully that's the last of those problems.
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