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  1. After I encode a MPEG-2 video stream to H.264, using MEncoder and x264, I get a raw .264 video stream, and I want to open this .264 stream and a .ac3 stream in mkvmerge for muxing, but mkvmerge cannot read information from .264 streams, like FPS. My question is, should I just specify the FPS manually in mkvmerge, or is it better to mux the .264 into a .MP4 container first, an then open the .mp4 in mkvmerge so that mkvmerge can detect all info needed ?
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  2. in a guide to mkvmerge gui, it says:
    FPS: Number of frames per second for AVC/h.264 video tracks. When you add AVC/h.264 elementary streams then mkvmerge must be told which how many frames per second this video was recorded with because that piece of information is not available in elementary streams. If you don't select anything then mkvmerge defaults to 25. You can either enter a floating point number (e.g. 29.97) or a fraction (e.g. 30000/1001).
    This option is only available for AVC/h.264 video tracks read from AVC/h.264 elementary streams.
    but some ppl still mux the .264 to .mp4, before muxing to .mkv

    anyway, it seems that muxing .264 to .mp4 before muxing to mkv, is unnecessary, so i'll just open the .264 in mkvmerge gui and specify it's FPS
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    use tsmuxer, load the .264, load the audio and output to mkv, ts, mt2s.
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