Hi all,

When I play my blu-ray movie that I created with multiavchd on tv, I go into setup menu where I select a subtitle stream but here I only see 3 options: "no subtitles", "other" and "other".

My movie was created from 3 mkv's that each contain english subtitles. I downloaded dutch subtitles from the internet as well. So I would like to be able to see "no subtitles", "EN" for English and "NL" for Dutch in my main setup menu.

In multiavchd on the media tab I click one of the three titles which opens the title properties window. Here I go to the "subtitles" tab where I can see the hardcoded English subs. There it says "Language: und" how do I change this to "EN"?
Same for the external subs that I want to change from und to NL so that the names appear correctly in the menu