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  1. So I have a series of 7 old AVI video clips from Usenet that were split into small files due to the nature of Usenet around that time.

    I want to join these 7 video files into one file, however they all have crazy frame rates, like one is 29.999 fps one is 30.50 fps etc. So I can't use append AVI segment without converting the files first.

    I tried using Video -> Direct Stream Copy and Audio -> Direct Stream Copy and Video -> Frame Rate -> Change Frame Rate to 29.97 fps on each file. This worked, but the audio was out of sync.

    So then I tried the previous options except I changed Video -> Full Processing and Audio -> Full Processing. Same problem, audio out of sync in the same exact way.

    Then I figured that maybe I should be using the "Frame Rate Conversion" feature and not the "Source Rate Adjustment", so I set "Source Rate Adjustment" back to "no change" and set "Frame Rate Conversion" to Convert to fps -> 29.97. This resulted in the exact same audio desync as the other two methods.

    Am I missing something? Can this be done with only Virtualdub? Is there a different program better suited?
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    IN general, "frame rate conversion"/"convert to fps" is the simplest option. This will leave the
    running time the same,
    but either duplicate or decimate the frames to account for the frame difference. It's a quick and dirty method, which may
    leave the new video with some jerks as it plays. So set them to 29.97. (direct stream copy).

    Convert audio to uncompressed - (audio/full processing/no compression PCM)

    Save each clip this way and see if they play individually in synch. Get that working first.

    Then see this thread for joining the files:
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