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  1. I am using Red Giant's "De-Interlacer" and "Instant HD" via Premiere Pro CS3 and am trying to figure out how to properly render the effects to an MPEG2 video...I've followed the instructions in the Instant HD User Guide verbatim up to the very last step:

    5. Update the timeline by choosing the Render Timeline option. You
    can complete the project by choosing to Export the timeline to a

    Nowhere in CS3 do I see a "Render Timeline" option???

    (Also the User Guide says to "Export the timeline to a file" but I don't see this option either...I assume they meant File, Export, Adobe Media Encoder?)

    Any help would be much appreciated...and please don't hesitate to let me know if further information is needed to assess the situation properly
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  2. Maybe they meant "Render Work space"? Because when I simply applied the De-Interlacer and Instant HD and went to File, Export, Adobe Media did not render with the De-Interlacer and Instant HD effects
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  3. It sounds like they mean render the entire timeline , ie. hit enter key . Then export it later

    I think they discontinued the product.

    I used Instant HD Advanced for AE a few years ago. Not very good results. Better deinterlacing and upscaling methods in avisynth
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  4. Really?? Which ones would you recommend for avisynth? I read rave reviews all over the web about Instant HD but I'm definitely open to "better" for sure
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