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    hi every one,

    I want to make a vcd with multiple menu i.e., nested menu. plz help me in finding appropriate vcd author/burn software. i hv done it earlier but for the dvd menu and i used DVD architect studio for that.

    thanx in advance.
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    Come on, VCD? Really? Still? Let's try to move on...

    Well, if you absolutely have to go that route:

    VCDToolkit is the reference standard by which all other VCD software is judged by, but it's a MAJOR PAIN to work with. Best to ignore it altogether. I suggest:

    1. Learn the ins- and outs- of VCDImager syntax so you understand what is involved with building a VCD.
    2. Make your menus in Photoshop/Gimp/ using 640x480 (assuming working in NTSC-land), then final resize it to 704x480. If you were in PAL-land, start with 768x576, resizing to 704x576. Save to 24bit BMP.
    3. Encode your assets to 352x240/288 MPEG1 video (using VCD/CPB template) and MP2 44.1kHz audio (at 224kbps), and menu assets encoded to 704x480/576 MPEG1 single-I-frame (aka "MPEG Still"),using TMPGEnc or similarly capable app.
    4. Author using VCDEasy (as it's based on VCDImager). There's a freeware version (v1.5.2, IIRC) and a payware version (v.3.1.0). I like the payware version and it's not expensive, but there's only a few things it does that the freeware version doesn't, so you can get by with it if you need to. Export/Burn to a CUE/BIN VCD discimage format.
    5. Burn with ImgBurn. I suggest this, because VCDEasy uses CDRDAO as it's burn engine, which hasn't been updated in a while so there's lots of burners no longer supported, ImgBurn is up-to-date and supports much, much more, and is probably more accurate at burning overall.

    That will get you PROFESSIONAL nested menu VCDs. I have done these (way back in the past ~9 years ago) successfully many times for my clients.

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