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    Hi all,

    I've been adding subtitles to dvds for a while now, using method 2 from this tutorial: and it hasn't failed until today.
    I did everything as I used to, but I found the remuxed result was out of sync. The audio was about 2 seconds too fast.
    So I did everything again, same result.

    I then demuxed just one episode (I'm adding subs to a 4 episode DVD) and immediately remuxed it, without doing anything to it.
    Again the audio was too fast... or rather: the video started too slow! I noticed about 2 seconds of black screen while the audio already started (as in the original). During those two seconds my player (not set to fullscreen) changed size from widescreen to 4:3 back to widescreen and after that the video started. In the original the video starts immediately.

    I've never seen this before... and I can't figure out what to do to prevent it from happening
    It's probably something easy like a setting I overlooked or something but I can't find it... any guru around to help out this helpless amateur?

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