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    hi, i have a creative vado HD and i can't seem to escape the noise when recording in one of my cars. it is present whenever the car is running so i'm assuming it's the ignition. all of my cars are 80's european so they all have bosch jetronic or motronic injection.

    i just want to know if there is an easy fix for this? can i shield the camera or add an external mic with shielding? (the vado accepts an external mic and i have been using one but with just a standard patch cable. i guess i'm just trying to figure out where the interference comes from and where the noise is created in the vado.

    thank you for any help as i'm getting sick of the noise.

    oh, and i don't think it has noise in newer cars but not positive about that. (good excuse to buy a new car as any, i suppose!)

    here's a quick video of some of the noise:

    sorry but there is a LOT of noise on this clip but the noise i'm referring to is the static which may be heard in the beginning before the engine and wind noise gets too loud. it is probably best heard at around 7-9 seconds into the clip. it sounds like radio interference from the ignition but the sound does not change as the engine revs so not really sure what exactly it is.
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    They used to sell suppressors to stop electrical static coming thru the radio at discount car parts places. I believe it goes between the coil and distributor. May want to try that cheap fix first.
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