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  1. I have a Q6600 OC to 3.2 Ghz and a GTX275. I'm using MPC_HC with CCCP-2011-07-30 and CoreAVC 3.0

    If I enable CUDA, there's a noticeably longer lag time when seeking (using 1GB+ 1080p videos). If I'm at the 9:00 min mark and click to 15:00, it'll take ~2 seconds for the video frame to actually refresh to the new scene and start playing again. If I turn off CUDA or turn on DXVA, the lag time is on the order of milliseconds.

    Is this normal?
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    cuda only uses the video card to play the video in the file, not do o.s. level file control. turn it off if you don't like the results.
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  3. Try changing source filters.
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