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  1. I hope I can ask this, I intend for personal use only

    I have an AverTV HD-DVR PCI-E card which is connected to my set top box via HDMI, it wont allow me to record any tv shows (I want to keep them on my hard drive as my storage is full on my actual DVR) it has 2 inputs, both are HDMI, it came with a dongle cable (plugs into the hdmi port - other end has, Component, Composite, S-Video and RCA inputs) I've read that if I use component cables It will allow me to record and in 720p.

    Any advice be appreciated
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    One of the "HDMI" ports won't work for HDMI input at all. It is strictly for use with the adapter cable that provides all the various analog connecters. Check your manual to find out which port is intended to be used with the adapter cable.

    It is possible the AVerTV Media Center software may limit you to 720p using component video input, but I'm not sure that is the case. Component analog video is capable of providing both 720p and 1080i.
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  3. There is an old version of the drivers that will allow you to copy HDCP protected HDMI content. Get that driver.
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  4. thanks for the info and thanks for the link jagabo, I installed everything there but I still seem to have a problem
    using any form of aver media center it still says copyright and using amarec tv I can get audio but no picture, picture blinks for one second then the screen is black
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  5. Even with those drivers I think there is a trick to get the software to record. I don't have that card but I've read about it. There are other threads here about the card, you should read through them. I think it's mentioned in this thread at avsforum:
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  6. thank you jagabo, it works great

    truly appreciate the help, thanks!
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  7. Could you post a short description of what you had to do? It might help others in the future.
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  8. 1. I uninstalled any previous drivers for it

    2. download and install the old drivers (C027) with the HDMI trick ( / )

    3. open up the Aver Media Center (if you're installing for the first time make sure you select Custom install and uncheck Drivers)

    4. once its open make sure you don't select TV or Video, the program just needs to be open at the main screen.

    5. Open up your software of choice for capturing and recording, two I used were ( VirtualDub: ) , (AmarecTV: / )
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