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  1. Hi

    I've a problem getting multiple filters to work with ffmpeg. Either filter on its own works fine.
    This filter adds static text to the videos right hand bottom and works fine-

    ffmpeg -i "D:\fcp_source\PlasmaSrc1\palmbeach.mpg" -vf
    drawtext="fontfile=arial.ttf:text='test_text':\ x=1250: y=700: fontsize=24:fontcolor=red" -b 6000k -s 1366x768 -vcodec wmv2 -an -y "D:\fcp_source\PlasmaSrc1\palmbeach.wmv"

    This filter burns in a watermark image at the bottom left and also works perfectly-

    ffmpeg -i "D:\fcp_source\PlasmaSrc1\palmbeach.mpg" -vf "movie=TWC_70x70.png:f=png [img]; [in] [img] overlay=17:H-h-19:1 [movie]; [movie] scale=1366:768"
    -b 6000k -s 1366x768 -vcodec wmv2 -an -y "D:\fcp_source\PlasmaSrc1\palmbeach.wmv"

    I've tried combining the filters with a comma like this-

    ffmpeg -i "D:\fcp_source\PlasmaSrc1\palmbeach.mpg" -vf "
    drawtext=fontfile=arial.ttf:text='test_text':\ x=1250: y=700: fontsize=24:fontcolor=red, movie=TWC_70x70.png:f=png [img]; [in] [img] overlay=17:H-h-19:1 [movie]; [movie] scale=1366:768" -b 6000k -s 1366x768 -vcodec wmv2 -an -y "D:\fcp_source\PlasmaSrc1\palmbeach.wmv"

    but I receive an error of 'to many inputs specified for the movie filter'.
    What am I doing wrong and how can I do this?
    Trying to avoid two pases through ffmpeg.


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    "movie" is a filter name, you don't need to create a movie label. Here's a basic example of a filter chain that you perhaps can adapt. I am on Windows so have to give full file paths.

    -vf "movie='f\:/x-test_videos/sting.pss':f=pss,scale=100:100 [img],[in]drawtext=fontfile='c\:/ttf-mgfx/adlibn.ttf':text='test_text':x=50:y=200:fontsize=48:fontcolor=red,[img] overlay=50:50,scale=720:576"
    The main source comes in at the preserved [in] label. Everything before the [in] label affects the "movie" source which you arbitrary labeled [img]. Everything after [in] affects the main source. At the second [img] label you overlay the "movie" source on the main source. You can add and/or change the order of the commands after the [in] label.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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  3. Thanks Chris
    That clarified things a lot. I should have mentioned that I have little understanding of ffmpeg commands and was basically cutting and pasting other peoples solutions...

    Anyway, with your guidance I have come up with the following command line which does what I want and may help someone else.

    ffmpeg -i "source.mpg" -vf "movie=source.png:f=png [img], [in]drawtext=fontfile=arial.ttf:text='test_text'=1267:y=719:fontsize=14:fontcolor=yellow,[img] overlay=17:H-h-19:1" -b 6000k -s 1366x768 -vcodec wmv2 -an -y "destination.wmv"

    This places a png image at the bottom left and some text at the bottom right. Screen reso is 1366x768.

    Many thanks Chris
    Appreciate your help.
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  4. hello friends!!

    I try the code and works perfect!

    but I want to do this

    ffmpeg.exe -threads 8 -async 2 -i 01.mpg -sws_flags area -vf yadif=0:-1,scale=0:0,crop=472:480:4:0,scale=480:272,setdar= 16:9 -vcodec libx264 -r 23.976 -vb 1000k -minrate 300k -maxrate 2500k -fpre "C:/FFmPeg/ffpresets/libx264-hq-pass2.ffpreset" -acodec libfaac -ab 64k -ar 48000 -ac 2 -pass 2 -passlogfile "C:/FFmPeg/log.log" -y teste.mp4

    and later where I apply your great tip?
    -vf "movie=logo.png:f=png [img], [in]drawtext=fontfile=arial.ttf:text='venda proibida documentário escolar!'=300:y=219:fontsize=14:fontcolor=yellow,[img] overlay=17:H-h-19:1"
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    @Orinoco Womble

    Thanks for posting your working example! Seems to be useful already :)


    Probably the best to put your first filter chain directly after the [in] label.

    yadif=0:-1,scale=0:0,crop=472:480:4:0,scale=480:272,setdar= 16:9

    -vf "movie=logo.png:f=png [img], [in]yadif=0:-1,scale=0:0,crop=472:480:4:0,scale=480:272,setdar= 16:9,
    drawtext=fontfile=arial.ttf:text='venda proibida documentário escolar!':x=300:y=219:fontsize=14:fontcolor=yellow , [img] overlay=17:H-h-19:1"

    This way you first deinterlace, crop and scale the source and then draw the text on it and overlay it with the logo.
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  6. Hello Chris!! thanks for share! works perfectly!!!

    Have some way to show the logo.png for each 15minutes.. and disapear.. the logo comes again.. and disapear..

    thanks for all!!
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  7. Way outside of my knowledge I'm afraid...
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