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    I'm using a trial version of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum in Windows 7 for DVD-to-AVI conversion. It has a minor problem in that it can't read the title names on the DVD. (I'm getting around that in the trial by manually selecting the show by sequence and renaming it after I create the test AVI file)

    The real problem is that the audio/video in the converted AVI is out of sync. The video is about one second ahead of the audio, which is very annoying. I played the DVD and the audio/video is in sync on it so the problem is not the DVD but in the conversion to AVI.

    Is anyone using this and if so, is there anything that you have found to correct this?

    if not, perhaps someone would be kind enough to recommend a better DVD-to-AVI conversion program.

    If this thread does not belong here or is redundant, I apologize. Please tell me and I'll ask to have it removed.
    thank you.
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    Try something else like DVDFab, Autogk(FREE), Fairuse Wizard, or

    And no software can read the title names from the dvd.
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