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  1. Many owners want to make their Pioneer DV-420V-K DVD players region free, so we visit Hkan's website.

    The instructions involve the use of the Nero burning software to create the new multiregion firmware disc. I did not see a step-by-step instuction on using ImgBurn, so here's my guide. At the time this guide was created, I used ImgBurn and my player was a 2009 version. This guide can also be used for the Pioneer DV-400V and DV-410V players as well.

    1. Launch ImgBurn. Load a blank CD or CD-RW into your DVD/CD burner.

    2. In the main screen that appears, select the option "Write file/folders to disc"

    write folders/files

    3. Under the Source section, click the Browse for a file icon. It's the one just below the + icon.

    The Open box appears. Browse for the .BIN file you have.
    In this example, select the YKB9326C.BIN file to highlight it and click on the Open button.

    The location of the file appears in the Source box.

    4. Look to the right and you will see five tabs: Information, Device, Options, Labels, Advanced.
    Click on the Options tab.

    Under Image options, make sure the following is selected:

    Data Type is MODE 1/2048.
    File system is ISO9660.
    Do not change any other options here.

    5. Click on the Labels tab.

    In the Volume Label section, type PIONEER in the ISO9660 box. Remember, all in capital letters.

    6. Click on the Advanced tab. You will see three other tabs below: Dates, Restrictions, and Bootable Disc.

    Click on the Restrictions tab. The ISO9660 tab appears.

    Under Folder/File Name Length, make sure Level 1 - 11 Characters, 8.3 Format is selected.

    Under Character Set, make sure Standard is selected.
    Do not change any other options here.

    7. Click on the Build button (the folders to disc icon)

    8. A warning box appears. ImgBurn assumes it's an image file with a BIN extension. Ignore this. You want to write the YKB9326C.BIN file to the disc as a data file, so click the Yes button to create a backup of this file.

    9. ImgBurn gives you the information about the disc you're about to create. Click "OK" to proceed.

    ImgBurn burns the file and verifies the disc.

    Once the process is complete, "Operation Successfully Completed!" message appears.

    Now it's time to make the DVD player region free using the CD you've created.

    1. Power on your Pioneer DV-420V-K DVD player and eject the tray.

    2. Place the CD on the tray and close it. "LOADING" appears on the player's display.

    3. A message box appears on your TV screen: "Upgrade File DETECTED. Upgrade?"
    Press the Play button on your remote to start.

    4. Status changes to File Copying.

    5. Status changes to Upgrading.

    This will stay on the TV screen for a while. Do not power off the player during this time! Remove the CD after the tray is ejected. Leave the tray open. The upgrade should take roughly a minute after the tray ejects.

    6. Once the upgrade is complete, the message box disappears and the TV screen will black out. The DVD player's display will then turn off. The player reboots and the word "CLEAR" now appears on the player's display. The tray retracts back into the player.

    The Pioneer logo appears on the TV screen. "NO DISC" appears on the player's display.

    7. One last step and it's a very important one to complete the process. Many owners forget to perform this step. You'll need the Pioneer remote to do this.

    Press and hold down the Enter button until the player turns itself off. Do not use the Power off button.

    "- OFF -" appears on the player's display before powering off.

    8. Power on your "new" multiregion player and enjoy your other region movie discs!
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