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  1. Hello this is officially my first post in this forum

    please help me everyone

    so basically i just got myself a very classic cartoon that ive been looking for all my life LoLs

    So the cartoon is .ogm file and have dual audio, ive tried playing them in VLC and there i can go to video>subtitle>track 1 (if im not mistaken)

    and yes the subtitle showed up perfectly.. im so happy!! but when im trying to burn them to dvd using DVD Flick, i tried to view them using the DVD Player and here comes the problem, the cartoon is Japanese, i can use the dual audio so they speak english but i prefer them to speak Japanese and use the subtitle instead..

    however i cannot find a way to show the subtitle using the dvd player, there is no option like VLC... what can i do here? any suggestions? Thnak you..
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    Try extract the subs from the ogm with ogmdemuxer, then when you make the dvd add the ogm and subtitle in dvd flick.
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  3. hi... i tried to extract the sub however there are two track of subs, track 1 and track 2... its kinda weird... in one file there are 2 track of sub... :S
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