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  1. I have some .flv files that I have been batch converting to the XVID format. I made sure to convert them all to specs that match up, for dimensions, frame rate, bitrate for the video and the audio as well. I prefer always to use constant bit rate for the audio. I took my XVID files and appended them together using AviDemux to have one file. The files all say when I open them in AviDemux that I have VBR audio. AviDemux makes a timemap and combines them. The files play fine and seem to be okay. My question is there a way to ensure I am encoding to constant bit audio when using the Freemake Video Converter?

    I can use AviDemux to convert each file but the batch process in FVS is easier in my oppinion. AviDemux does have a box in the settings for the audio to ensure you are converting to a constant bit rate. I don't see a similar box in FVS, but I was going on the assumption that it would be exporting the audio at a constant bit rate. I have read here at VideoHelp it is always best to encode the audio with a constant bit rate because the files are more stable and there really isn't much difference in the size when it comes to the mb's.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me concerning this matter.
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  2. I just sent one of the XVID files over to my Windows XP computer and analized it with MediaInfo and it says the audio is constant bit rate audio. So for whatever reason AviDemux seems to think it the audio is variable bit rate audio. I can't get MediaInfo to work on my Windows 7 machine, but that is another story.
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