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  1. Hey guys just got my hauppauge HD PVR. Its a snap capturing but I want to edit out commercials when I record in .mp4 format. I prefer working with mp4 because my dvd burning software handles it with ease. I have several questions here though....
    1.)Is there any freeware that I can use to edit the commercials out of the .mp4 format?
    2.) If not, will it be easier to find a software for the .ts or M2ts? If so can you suggest a software?

    If it matters I am running windows Vista. My dvd burning/authoring software says it will handle the .mp4 m2ts, and ts files so I guess I shouldn't be concerned. Also, I just want to edit the parts of the video I don't need without re-encoding or any other crap. I'd like it to be fairly simple to use. I have a general understanding of video stuff but all that muxing and de-muxing, conversion, codecs, video transport stuff makes my head start to spin......
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    avidemux might work. but it might not be that stable.

    Or else is probably videoredo the best. But it's not free.
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  3. I use tsSniper for editing out adverts from transport stream (*.ts) Hauppauge HD-PVR captures. Not frame accurate, but with a little practice, good enough for my purposes
    Pull! Bang! Darn!
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  4. Fritzi, when I set the clip handles (the little markers that frame what part you want out) and when I exported and tried to play the video just froze at the point I wanted to cut. What did I do wrong. There is no help with the software.....
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