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  1. Hallo

    Is there a way to put the cover (jpg) of a Movie directly into an mp4 file?
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    There are a number of MP4 meta data editors that allow for "artwork" to be added inside an MP4 file.
    iTunes, AtomicParsley command line, and a pletora of GUI tools that use AtomicParsley.
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  3. I think the QUESTION was is there a way. But he forgot to ask How or what is the easiest way to do it. Which I'm asking now. Because I'd like to do that.
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  4. Code:
    mp4box -add "path to mp4 file" -itags cover="path to jpg file" -new "path to new mp4 file"
    should allow to do it through the command line (works on Linux/Mac/Windows)
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  5. Thank you very much.
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