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  1. Hi,
    I have a mini DV tape that I've recorded video on it approximately 5 years ago.
    it doesn't seem much time, but now when I put the tape in my camcorder to playback, the audio and video is gone bad! some parts of the video is pixelized and audio sounds like robot!
    I don't know why it has happened (maybe because of humidity or mould or something) but is there any way that i can restore these deteriorated tapes? maybe by cleaning the tape or something?

    BTW, the head of the camcorder is fine.
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    Your tape has dropouts. If they're caused by dirt, you could have the tape professionally cleaned. If they're caused by creases or degradation (Mini DV tapes can go bad sitting on the shelf) then you're out of luck.

    It wouldn't hurt to clean your camcorder heads and tape path and try again. Or try a different player.
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    the idjit was told to clean the heads repeatedly in other threads he gravedug, but refused to because he "knew" the heads were fine from divine knowledge.
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