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  1. Dear users,
    This summer, I made a beautifull video capture of some dolphins swimming and playing with our sailing boat. When transferring from the mobile phone(HTC) to my laptop(HP) via bluetooth, something horribly went wrong.

    We could play the file on the phone, there were absolutely no problems. But after the sending, I couldn't watch it anymore on the phone, nor on my laptop..

    On my laptop I get these warnings:
    VLC: nothing, just doesn't play.
    QT: "error -2002: e"
    WMP: "there occured a problem, while trying to play it" (translated it free into english, excuse for my bad language)
    Classic WMP: "cannot render the file" with this pop-up:

    I tried to upload it to youtube or vimeo to see if they can make it work, but they can't render it. At youtube, I saw the pictures of the video running, while uploading, but unfortunately it didn't play at the end ...

    Does anybody knows what my problem is and how I can solve it, please??

    my best greatings,

    if someone would like to see the video file, here it is: (58.4 MB)
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    file appears corrupt and there is no way to fix it. try a wired connection to the computer if you can and transfer that way. or at least do it over.
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  3. Ah oke that's some very bad news..

    The original file on the mobile is also corrupted after the sending.. There is really no way to fix the file?
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